Staying Clean While Camping

Going camping and cleanliness seems to be almost opposite goals. After all, the very act of camping means going out into nature, living with the animals, subjecting yourself to the elements and cooking, eating and sleeping on the ground. Nonetheless, cleanliness throughout your camp-out experience is crucial both to the day in, day out life … Continue reading Staying Clean While Camping


Do Not Overspend!

Having the necessary camping gear and equipment is equally important for the first timer as it is for experienced campers. Sometimes you need a particular piece of camping gear but it is priced far outside your level of comfort. So, you should be able to get the best from your purchase by being knowledgeable and … Continue reading Do Not Overspend!

Buy Discount Camping Gear At eBay Camping Gear Auctions

As a novice to camping in the great outdoors you may be tempted to buy no-name brand camping equipment, which is OK in the beginning. However, you will learn fast, that cheap camping equipment does not make a Happy Camper. As in all things cheap, it usually breaks, or wears out far to soon. Once … Continue reading Buy Discount Camping Gear At eBay Camping Gear Auctions